FANS1/A Interoperabilty Team (FIT)

Chair Person: Lisa Bee

The FANS1/A Interoperabilty Team (FIT) started in 1997 and was integrated into the ISPACG in 1999 to oversee the monitoring of FANS1/A data link and to ensure that performance and interoperability requirements are met.

Lisa Bee brings more than 30 years of experience in air traffic management to her present position as Director of Air Traffic Services at Inmarsat. Ms. Bee’s career includes over 20 years with the United States Federal Aviation Administration in air traffic control, air traffic management, system requirements development, air traffic procedures development, test and evaluation, and safety management.

Since 2016, when she joined Inmarsat, Ms. Bee has been responsible for developing concepts, strategies, and requirements to support air navigation services using satellite communications and data link capabilities.  Her work involves direct engagement with air traffic service providers, regulatory bodies, regional air traffic coordination groups, and industry organizations. 

In addition to serving as Chair of the ISPACG FIT, Ms. Bee supports a number of ICAO panels and working groups as an advisor to ICCAIA, including the Operational Data Link Working Group, the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Panel, and the Separation and Airspace Safety Panel. She also serves as Chair of CNS Work Group.