ISPACG/32 Working Papers

ISPACG/32 Working Papers, Information Papers and Presentations

Final Documents

ISPACG/32 Minutes
ISPACG/32 Action Items


Working Papers

WP-01 – ISPACG 32 Agenda
WP-02 – Extend Conference Duration
WP-03 – Oceanic Contingency Plan (FAA)
WP-04 – Monitoring Agency Activities in South Pacific Airspace (PARMO)
WP-05 – Weather Deviation Requests (Airways NZ)
WP-05 – Appendix 1 Weather Deviations (Airways NZ)
WP-06 – Data Link Working Group (Airways NZ)
WP-06 – Data Link Working Group – Attachment A


Information Papers

IP-01 – SatVoice Trial (Airservices Australia)
IP-02 – Agreed Reroute Procedure (DGAC Chile)
IP-03 – Version Procedure (DGAC Chile)
IP-04 – AIC 5 Update (DGAC Chile)
IP-05 – US Domestic Communication Update (FAA)
IP-06 – Accommodation of SatVoice by San Francisco Radio (FAA)
IP-07 – SatVoice; attachment (FAA)
IP-08 – Air Traffic Control Services Above FL600 (FAA)
IP-09 – Acceptable Level of Risk (FAA)
IP-10  NZZO UPR Changes (Airways NZ)
IP-11 – ICAO Asia Pacific Update (FAA)
IP-12 – CRV Status (FAA)
IP-13 – US Data Comm En Route Waterfall Schedule (FAA)



Airservices Update April 2018
ADS-C CDP & ADS-B ITP Status Update
Airways NZ NZZO Brief (Agenda Item 2)
Airways NZ PBCS/FIT Asia 7 Briefing (Agenda Item 4)
Airways UPR’s
Airways Weather Deviation NZ Oceanic
Airways Weather Deviations and Requests
FAA ZOA Update (Agenda Item 4)
FAA PARMO (Agenda Item 4)
FAA RNP4 Update (Agenda Item 5)
FAA Acceptable Level of Risk (Agenda item 7)
FAA 23 NM Concept of Operations
FAA CRV Status
FAA CANSO PBCS Article – Making Safe Operations Safer
FAA US Domestic Comm Update Attachment.A
FAA Un-Announced Speed Changes
Fiji Airports April 2018 Update
Inmarsat Update
PNG Update
Santiago Oceanic Area Control Centre Update
Tahiti Update SEAC PF (Agenda Item 2)