ISPACG21 Working Papers

ISPACG/21 – Working Papers


WP-01            Agenda
WP-02            Datalink Guidance Material
WP-02 Att      Datalink Guidance Material
WP-03            UAL870 16Jan07
WP-03 Att      UAL870 16Jan07
WP-04            Truncation of Flight Plans by ATSUs
WP-05            Australian ADS-B Update
WP-06            ZOA Weather Deviation
WP-06 Att      ZOA Weather Deviation
WP-07            10Min Longitudinal Separation without Mandatory MNT
WP-07  Att     10Min Longitudinal Separation without Mandatory MNT
WP-08            ATS Route Realignment
WP-08 Att      ATS Route Realignment
WP-09            South Pacific DARP Procedures
WP-10            Implementation of UPRs in the South Pacific
WP-10 Att      Implementation of UPRs in the South Pacific
WP-11            ISPACG Planning Team Report
WP-11 Att      ISPACG Planning Team Report
WP-12            Status on Funding for Continuation of CRA Activities
WP-13            Outcome of IOAC Performance Measurement Workshop
WP-14            Review of ISPACG/20 Open Action Items
WP-15            Sydney Flow Management
WP-16            SPR Standards For Datalink
WP-17            Application of Strategic Lateral Offset Procedures (SLOP)
WP-18            Strategic Laterally Offset Tracks
WP-19            RNP
WP-20            Optimum Arrival Trial AA April 2007
WP-21            Transfer of 50NM Separation Between Multiple ATSUs
WP-22            AIDC Performance Monitoring
WP-23            Use of J for A380-800 in ICAO Flight Plan Field 9
WP-24            DARP Feedback Reporting Process
WP-25            Variation in True Airspeed
WP-26            Update to Capacity Enhancement Table
WP-27            Use of ADS-C Met Data by Bureau of Meteorology